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  • I like a certain crocheted hat but would like it in a different color. Can that be done?
    Some of the crocheted hats can be color changed/personalized. Just email us with your request and we'll get back to you about your specific request.
  • Why are there different sizes of the crocheted hats?
    The details on some of the crocheted hats just work/look better on the medium and large sized crocheted hats. The size small hats don't have enough room for these details.
  • Can I ordered a crocheted hat design that is not pictured on the website?
    We can try to make just about anything in the form of a custom crocheted hat. Drop us an email and we can discuss what you have in mind.
  • How long does it take for you to create one of your custom crocheted hats?
    That depends on the hat. The basic beanie and ear flaps take about 3 HOURS. All of the additional details and customizations take additional HOURS AND HOURS to crochet and apply!
  • What is the time-frame for receiving my custom crocheted hat once I have ordered it?
    If the hat is already in our inventory, it will be packaged and shipped in one business day. If the hat needs to be made for you, it will ship approximately one week from the receipt of your order.
  • How do I care for my hat?
    ALL of the custom crocheted hats are hand washable. We suggest that after hand washing, you blot the hat dry between two towels, then lay the hat flat to completely dry. NEVER clip a stray piece of yarn! Instead, just use your fingers to weave it back into the nearest stitches.
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